Supporting Our Clients in the Energy Sector

Producers are installing wind turbines on hilltops and are extracting natural gas from Marcellus Shale. Still, they must deliver the energy to the consumer; they must clear land and cross streams to build access roads, towers and substations.  Look to SET for the project planning, design and oversight that you need to assist you in reaching your development goals.  From the wellhead, through transmission systems, to the end-use consumer, we have the expertise to provide environmental support for these infrastructure requirements.


SET understands the extreme scrutiny placed on utilities for enviromental stewardship while protecting ratepayers and stockholders from financial risk. Our extensive in house experience with environmental issues facing natural gas, electrical, and cogeneration organizations enables us to provide a broad spectrum of services to support energy generation, transmission and distribution processes.


  • Facility Audits to assess compliance with applicable state and federal environmental and safety regulations

  • Assessment of environmentally sensitive pipe (ESP) and storage tank systems

  • Environmental and permitting services supporting all aspects of natural gas gathering, processing, & distribution.

  • Remedial Investigation and Remedial Design.

  • PCB screening and characterization services with recommendations to best manage the liabilities

  • Design of waste disposal facilities including ash landfills

  • Permitting services for air, water and solid wastes

Specialty Services for the Oil & Gas Industry - from Exploration and Production, Gathering and Midstream to Downstream facilities, SET has the personnel and services to meet your needs.