Supporting the natural gas industry in Appalachia all day, every day…for nearly 20 years!


Our history of strong and sustained relationships and repeat business with key players within the energy business sector is a testament to our client commitment.  We are ISNetworld Certified and have a culture dedicated to safety and that excels in management, adminstrative, and technical performance.

Over the course of our nearly 20 years directly serving the natural gas industry, we have completed a broad spectrum of projects ranging from routine permitting and right-of-way services (wetland delineation/permitting, property evaluation, etc.) to specialized remedial investigations and remedial oversight. We have also completed system- wide projects such as the evaluation and relative ranking of environmental risks posed by the effects of corrosion on liquid-carrying pipe and the system-wide evaluation of storage tank compliance.


Our team of environmental, engineering and construction professionals works with these firms to take on the challenges inherent in developing the vital natural resources in the Marcellus and Utica plays. Our commitment is to be there, 24/7/365, to help your firm get your project permitted, running, and successfully completed. 

Superior, Time Tested Services

Services for the Natural Gas and Oil Industry

Gathering and Production

  • Pipeline Environmental Permitting COE Nationwide Permits

  • Stream Encroachment Permits

  • Wetland Delineation

  • E&S Plans/NPDES Construction Storm Water Permits

  • Highway Occupancy Permits

  • SPCC and PPC Plans


  • Environmental Permits (see details below)

  • Storage Tank Compliance Services SPCC/FRP and PPC Plans

  • Phase I / II Environmental Site Assessments Risk Management / Process Safety Management Plans

  • PCB Assessments


  • Highway Occupancy Permits

  • Construction Storm Water Permits

  • E&S Plans/NPDES Construction Storm Water Permits

  • Stream Encroachment Permits

  • PCB Assessments

Key Clients and Key Project Experience
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Geographic Service Area

SET is supporting natural gas exploration, production, transmission and distribution by its clients throughout the Appalachian Basin. We currently operate under Master Service Agreements with several E&P and Midstream firms in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  In addition to our Corporate office in Pennsylvania and our Northeast Ohio office, we maintain field offices to service our clients, including our newest service location in Zanesville, Ohio serving Belmont, Harrison, Monroe, Washington, Noble and Guernsey Counties.

Key Employees providing Key Relationships

SE Technologies’ performance stems from our commitment to constant regulatory analysis. Our clients are kept current with existing
and anticipated governing environmental regulations on a virtual real-time basis. We employ a talented team of multi-disciplinary
licensed engineers, geologists, Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs), Certified Hazardous Materails Managers (CHMMs), CSPs, and scientists dedicated to best serve our clients’ needs.


Our well-established contacts within the regulatory community at the local, state, and federal levels allow us to anticipate and respond to changes in regulations that directly impact our clients’ engineering and environmental efforts. Our close working relationships with these agencies allow us to minimize the threat of adverse regulatory actions through a combination of effective negotiation and sensitivity to regulatory issues.


  • Engineers licensed in Maryland, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia

  • Professional Geologists licensed in Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee,  Virginia, and West Virginia

Environmental Permitting Services


SET's working relationships with Federal, State, County and Municipal Agencies provides an efficient means to assist our clients in obtaining permits and necessary approvals to perform work on projects of all sizes.

  • Environmental permits including air emissions permits, waste water discharge permits, storage tanks, stormwater permits, solid waste facility permits and permitting of linear projects such as pipeline and transmission line corridors.

  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permits for stream and river crossings

  • Railroad crossing permits

  • State, County, and Municipal road crossings, road access, building, and other minor permits

Representative Projects

  • Ft. Beeler Cryogenic Processing Plant

  • Moundsville Processing and Fractionation Plant

  • PMG Allen Unit

  • Bardall Compressor Station

  • Corley Compressor Station

  • Lilly Compressor Station

  • Nice Compressor Station

  • Carmichael Compressor Station

  • St. Mary’s Fractionation Plant

  • Lytle Pipeline Project

  • Hutton Pipeline Project

  • Fike Connect Compressor Station

  • Bryan Compressor Station

  • Crawford Compressor Station

  • Starcovic Compressor Station

  • Whipkey Compressor Station